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Connecting the modem to the KPN line
Hi XS4ALL users,

I've just become part of the family! My apologies for writing in english in a dutch forum but I'm only temporarily living in this beautiful country! Hope someone here can help me out! Smile

First of all, my modem is a Fritzbox 7360. I'm renting a property and here's the description of it: 2 story house (ground floor, first floor and second floor). I want to have my synology box, my TV and my computer on the 2nd floor, running wired, Gigabit Ethernet.

On the ground floor, there is a closet with an ISRA type 1 from KPN. The monteur connected the modem there, and tapped directly into this line. The monteur advised me that this was the optimum location for the modem because it was the closest to the ISRA connector.
In this closet there is also an old KPN Quattrovox 3 machine. From this machine, there are 3 telephone lines running each into the different floors of the house which end up in a wall terminal with a pig snort shape.

What the monteur advised me to do, was to have the Fritzbox modem in the closet on the ground floor, closest to the ISRA connector. He then said it's best to run Ethernet cables to the second floor where I want to have my stuff. But this is a major annoyance because I can't drill holes on the wall (it's a rental property) and it would be difficult to wire 20 meters of Ethernet around the walls to reach the top. I could also use Powerline adaptors but they are not as good as a straight Ethernet cable.

What I did this morning was to take out one of the telephone lines from the Quattrovox, and tap it into the ISRA connector, to basically connect the ISRA via the existing telephone line through the wall to the second floor. Then I connect the Fritzbox to the pig snort outlet on the second floor. This worked successfully although I'm not connecting at 40 Mbps (although I also wasn't connecting at 40 Mbps on the ground floor directly into the ISRA either..). Is this a sub-optimal connection ? I have no idea how old these telephone lines around the house are, but they must be 10 years old or more. Would they be prone to interference from nearby electricity lines and what not ? Should I follow the monteur advice and keep it all downstairs close to the ISRA connector, and just sort out a way to reach the top floor with straight Ethernet ?

Of course in the end it's all coming down to experimenting.. if it works on the pig snort wall on the top floor then it's all good.. but I'm worried about underlying interferences that may occur in the future which won't be down to the XS4All service but rather the installation of the house itself. I mean, how well shielded from interference are these telephone lines ?

What is your experience and advice in this kind of installation ?

Sorry about the long post.. I hope someone can shed some light on the topic! Here's a picture to better describe the situation in the closet https://www.dropbox.com/s/9z7q2stsw87...083848.jpg
If it reaches the 40Mbps when it's close to the ISRA connector but not when you 'extend' the wire to your floor then it seems pretty obious that it's not optimal anymore..

Closest to the ISRA connector is best. ADSL loses a lot of signal really quickly over distances..

How long do you think the wire running through the walls is?
You can extend it using at least a CAT3 cable. Better is a CAT 5 or higher cable (normal UTP cable which is bought today in the shop is good enough).
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